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FME has state-of-the-art coating line technology. We are able to offer color coating lines (coil coating lines) of all sizes and speed ranges and levels of technology. Our roll coating machine, thermal curing, and environmental control technologies are second to none in the world.

The main types of coil coating lines we offer are :

• Building Products Paint Lines - Applying paint finishes for building products.

• White Goods Appliance Lines - For the strictest in coating quality control and Dust Free coating for home appliance exterior panels.

• Lacquer Lines - Applying lacquer coating to Tinplate, Tin-free steel, & Aluminium for the metal packaging industry.

• Heavy-Gauge Lines - For large thickness Hot Rolled or Cold rolled steel strip used to manufacture building products such as purlin and girts.

• ACP Coating Lines - Lines for compact, small end products used in steel & aluminium composite panel.

• Combination Lines – These are lines that can coat a large range of different product types.

• We also provide coil printing technology within our CCL.

FME can supply your coil coating line custom designed to your exact specification and budget. We can supply lines from line Speeds of 10 mpm up to 250 mpm, and strip widths from 250mm to 2500mm.

FME coil coating lines include our patented Link Coat® roll coating machines with world’s best film build accuracy and paint finish quality. Our lines also include our state-of-the-art Pure AirTM oven systems offering world leading energy efficiency and PMT regulation performance. Line automation systems include advanced functionality tailor made to optimize line performance and control. As a single source supplier we design and manufacture all other process equipment including : Strip Cleaning Systems, Strip Heating and Cooling Systems, Strip Joiners, Terminal Equipment, Laminators, Waxers.

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