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CGL In-Line Coating Sections

FME has state-of-the-art Coil Coating Line Oven system technology. We offer all types of configurations in oven & incineration systems, in both catenary and flotation types.

Our Pure AirTM systems offer the best coil coating oven technology in terms of oven temperature control, fuel efficiency, and oven cleanliness. Ovens can be Direct or Indirect fired with Primary, secondary, and tertiary heat recovery.

We have specialist configurations for producing Pre-painted Products for the Home Appliance (Whitegoods) markets which includes our Dust Free™ technology.  As an option our oven systems for Rigid packaging coil stock  offer world leading flotation technology.

Incineration systems offered are either Recuperative (RNV) type or Regenerative (RTO) type.