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Characteristics of FME’s Coil Printing Machine :

•  Offset gravure coating systems.

•  Wide range of steel and aluminium substrates.

•  Printing speed up to 120mpm.

•  Up to 4 color in line printing.

•  Individual roll driving system via SERVO control. When machine prints BRANDPUNT (FOCUS) adjusting pattern or discontinuous pattern this servo control minimizes error range between each color and each pattern.

•  Few restriction of the pattern and the color : Printer can mass produce the several colors and patterns because it is able to arrange several colors consecutively without any strip hunting/wandering.

•  Intensify the function of Back-Up Roll’s fine control : The color and pattern can be intensified by fine control adjustment of back up roll.

•  Load cells installed to display the nip pressure between Back-up Roll and Strip.