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CGL In-Line Coating Sections

Our Dust Free™ Oven system for appliance applications, is an integrated dust isolation and elimination system for the line.

Some of the main points :

• It eliminates the need to enclosing the entire line in a dust proof environment

• It encloses the strip in a sterile, dust free area throughout the coating sections of the line.

• The ovens have an internal design that eliminates all stagnation points where dust has potential to settle.

• All process air entering the system is filtered to remove particles with cross section dimensions less than a human hair width.

• In-process hot air is also filtered to eliminate any dust contamination emanating from the coating layer out-gassing.

• The coater room does not require the operators to were dustproof clothing

• The paint drums can be brought into the coater room without a dust de-contamination procedure