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Manufacturing Capabilities : Our Manufacturing Facilities incorporate the manufacturing functions of: Machining; Fabrication; Surface Treatment; Assembly; Testing; and Packing. Each of these areas are segregated into different areas in order to maintain the environment and logistical requirements of each area.

Our shops manufacture for our own equipment requirements, as well as sub contracting to customers in broad fields of industry.

Machining : Precision, inspection, and flexibility, are the keys to our successful machining shop performance. Our workshops are equipped with highly tech CNC machinery to produce components individually or in large batch sizes.

Fabrication : Our fabrication facilities include high tech CNC cutting & profiling equipment, together with automated and manual welding & forming equipment. Adequate floor space and crane capacity enables our fabrication shops to tackle even the largest of jobs.

Surface Treatment : Enclosed Shot Blasting rooms are incorporated together with wet paint booths. We outsource specialist surface treatment processes such as hot-dip metallic coating, electroplating, and polymer covering.

Assembly : Equipment is assembled in dedicated factory areas dependant on machine dimensions and functionality testing requirements. They are equipped with hoisting means having capacities of up to 50 tonne.

Testing : All equipment is carefully inspected and must undergo a rigorous series of functional and performance tests according to the Inspection and Test Plan individually written for each item of equipment.

Packing : This is the final function before shipment. In-house packing ensures our compliance to customer's stringent packaging requirements.

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