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CGL In-Line Coating Sections

FME has vast experience with integration of In-line organic coating (paint / post-treatment) sections into the continuous hot-dipped metallic coating line. The organic coatings can range from passivation coatings, to prime and finish paint coatings, to ultra-thin organic resin coatings.

These sections typically include Paint or Chemical Roll Coaters, Oven Heating Section, Strip Cooling Section (with combination air cooling and chill rolls), structure, turn and steering rolls, fume incineration, and electrical control & automation system. FME has the experience to offer a complete turnkey upgrade package for these in-line sections, including all the integration engineering, installation works, commissioning, and start up training. We have many references in both brownfield and greenfield projects for in-line coating sections.

The range of roll-on organic coating products includes: chrome or chrome-free pre-treatment, zinc phosphate, anti-finger print, organic resin coat, primer coat and finish coatings.