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CGL In-Line Coating Sections

FME’s has world leading expertise oven and furnace systems for metal strip processing lines. Our Pure Air™ oven system for coil coating lines is the culmination of progressive development over 25 years of coil coating oven design.

This system offers the best in energy efficiency, strip metal temperature control (PMT), product change flexibility, ultra clean process air, and low maintenance.

The Pure Air™ system is offered with options for primary, secondary, and tertiary heat recovery and the ability to use waste heat for heating of pre-treatment and chemical dryer sections. Additional options include catenary, semi flotation, or full flotation oven plenums, as well as fume incineration options of Recuperative, Regenerative (RTO) and Catalytic.

Our oven control systems include state of the art functionality that integrates : closed loop PMT control; LEL control; oven exhaust mass flow control; recipe setups and production optimization scheduling.