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CGL In-Line Coating Sections

Whether it be strip cooling sections for coil coating lines, or galvanizing lines FME has the equipment technology to suit your needs. Our expert designs have been developed and proven on countless line installations.

After pot cooling for metallic coating (galvanizing) lines : Our systems include upleg and downleg sections, with combination hole and slot cooling sections of required heat transfer rates to ensure the correct progressive cooling profiles. U profile water quench section and dryer follows to complete the cooling cycle.  For automotive applications constant development has been carried out using Fluent® fluid dynamics software for increasing cooling rates to highly intensive levels.

Coil Coating Cooling Sections : FME’s proprietary water/fog quench cooling systems offer’s effective strip cooling with zero strip distortion. Some of the water quench unit options include quick change roll system for easy maintenance, and self-healing rolls for extended roll life between changeovers. For some specialty coil coating applications our cooling sections will include full air cooling units in catenary or flotation, or combination forced air and water quench cooling.

Post treatment cooling sections for metallic coating lines : Our extensive development in increasing cooling rates allows our cooling sections to be as short and efficient as possible. Up leg, horizontal and downleg sections combine for fast air cooling followed by FME’s Cooling roll system exclusively developed high heat transfer designs with cross flow and counter flow water jacket.